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2018 Summer Program

APPLICATION (download application materials [PDF])

>> Instructions for Teachers <<


The ICF Summer Program is designed for high school graduates (17 - 23 years old) living in Los Angeles County who wish to develop a career behind-the-scenes in the entertainment industry. We are looking for bright, creative, resilient, hardworking, and dependable students graduating from high school by June. Full and partial scholarships are available for qualified applicants. Otherwise the 8-week intensive ICF Summer Program fee is $18,375.


The ICF Summer Program classes are VERY intensive, broad-based, and structured around five interlocking classes with over 550 hours of classroom and hands-on training from highly qualified instructors and industry professionals, plus homework and student productions.

  • Story Structure: Learn how to create, develop, write and pitch your script
  • Film Technique: Learn how to work and think like the professionals. Hands-on learning from A to Z while you make a film
  • Field Trips: Learn about the latest technology via behind-the-scenes meetings with production & post facilities, creatives & executives
  • Guest Speaker Symposiums: Learn how to combine the "Art" with the "Business" of filmmaking from Hollywood icons
  • Industry Fundamentals: Learn how to prepare for behind-the-scenes jobs in the entertainment industry

Each student will create and complete a short narrative film/video where all this learning will be put to practical use. Inner-City Filmmakers will provide all of the equipment. While this will be a hands-on class - there will also be required reading, writing, oral presentations, pre-production planning, casting, shooting and editing of student summer projects. Be prepared to work 24/7 as you prep, shoot and complete your film. ICF Graduation - all films which meet our parameters will be screened for family, friends, and industry.

Opportunities & Effort

The ICF Summer Program is not designed as an easy way for students to spend their summer. It is designed to familiarize them with the various filmmaking crafts, professional thinking, decision-making, procedures, film history, job opportunities and what it takes to gain a job and to succeed. It's a taste of the real world. It's NOT easy! Students who attend ALL the classes on time, do all the assignments, ask questions and are dedicated to learning will build a strong foundation which can lead to internships and entry-level jobs. If students are not willing to make sacrifices and apply themselves, they should not apply to the ICF Summer Program.


  • Students must attend EACH class punctually. Jobs in the real world require punctuality, so does ICF.
  • Classes will be held June 18 - August 16. Students must attend all classes to graduate and to be recommended for a job.
  • Classes are held at ICF offices in Santa Monica, and numerous other facilities. Because of the varied locations involved in this class, students will need to provide their own transportation. Please work this out in advance with your family and/or friends.

Application Instructions

  1. Fill out pages 1, 2 & 3. Your nominating teacher or counselor should fill out page 4.
  2. Include your one page resume.
  3. Include a type-written 2-page autobiography.
  4. Prepare a 1-page story outline for a 3-minute visual narrative film (WITHOUT dialogue) that you can make for less than $25.00.
  5. Enclose your high school grade transcript.
  6. Submit your family IRS (income tax) Form 1040 and proof of other income for 2016.
  7. Submit a 2-minute video - introduce your family, your life and your friends. We want to learn about your past and your goals.
  8. STUDENTS: Provide all materials to your teacher / sponsor NO LATER than April 1.
  9. EDUCATORS: Submit all application materials to Inner-City Filmmakers NO LATER than April 8.
  10. Interviews with applicants will be held Saturday & Sunday, May 19 and 20, at the ICF Headquarters in Santa Monica. You will be notified of your interview time.
  11. Applicants must have legal status to qualify for work in the United States.

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